This is our dream and our daily struggle: to make viable teaching processes from already developed research and theories and offer them to schools, families, corporate environments, and to society as a whole.

The Program

Above all, it concerns a pedagogical challenge of making understandable and simple the complexity of this subject, which enters into the education agenda as a central priority of this century.


Training for educators

This offers the fundamentals of social emotional education with a focus on the main research and theories in the field of emotions and human coexistence. The training is performed online through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) of the digital platform of 50-50 SEL Solutions. It highlights precise guidelines about the teaching materials used by the educator.

Continued training

The subject is broad and complex. It involves multiple dimensions of reason and human subjectivity. Research and anthropological studies, sociology, neuroscience, psychology and pedagogy stand out. The initial training prepares for the first steps, the continued training advances, year by year, in the development of the maturity and excellence of the social emotional educator. The offered content and educational proposals promote, in practice, the multiplying action established in the intention of 50-50 SEL Solutions.

Monitoring of teaching

The dialogue space available on the platform to renew guidelines and to add new information is vital to the success of the performance of the program. It assures the expected and desired results.

Guidance for the evaluation of results

Evaluating the obtained results allows for the improvement of the intervention. It is considered that the evaluation of results should be guided on a scientific basis using internationally validated inventories.
The objective observation of the behavior of  students/participants in the process, with the application of before and after tests, can signal the gains of social emotional skills, as well as the reduction of problematic behaviors.

Teaching Materials

Early Childhood Education

Once upon a time... emotions

Social Emotional Learning should begin with the parents. Parents with social emotional education guide their children from an early age. Then, in early childhood education, the content is organized and systematized and the school establishes the paths for advancement in Elementary School and in High School. The teaching material presented for early childhood education is designed for 5 year olds and is composed of two volumes to guide the educators and two volumes to guide the family.

Elementary School

League for Peace

In a series, the teaching materials separately attend each age group, from 6 to 11 years old. Having specific material for each age group is a valuable differential from the psycho-pedagogical point of view, which contributes to the effectiveness of the intervention.

Young people and adults

Well Being

The teaching materials are designed for the 15-30 age group, both inside and outside the context of formal education. They are intended for schools, families, social development organizations with a focus on the culture of peace and the reduction of violence, and corporate environments, for the empowerment of young people and adults. Self-esteem is the guiding principle that permeates all the content.

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