Know thyself

In the light of the inexorable technological revolution, the algorithms, and the artificial intelligence, the machines and the robots will be faster and more accurate than humans.

Although alarming, we have to admit that most of the manual and repetitive work will be replaced by super intelligent machines. Faced with this reality, the emphasis given today to technical skills should make way and favor general intelligence, based on the paradigm of complexity.

There is a Harvard study highlighting that our performance in life involves only 25% from the technical area and 75% depends on the general competences linked to emotional and social skills.

Therefore, there is a strong signal in the sense that we must prepare our children to face changes by encouraging them to learn new things. Mental balance will be the possible fortitude to face these new realities.

The technological advance cannot steal our decision spaces. We cannot give up the power to decide. We are being invited to listen to the voice that comes from within us and knows how to choose from our own convictions. The challenge is to filter, purify, and not to succumb to the appeals of advertising. We must learn to listen to our hearts; otherwise we will be submitted to the subordinate interests of all kinds and to the marketing experts.

As Yuval Harari asserts, “it has never been so imperative to take seriously the oldest advice from the western world: ‘know yourself … and step back from the heavy burden of illusions.’” This is a task for general intelligence.


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