Foundations of Social Emotional Learning “Man sums up a web of contradictions” Pascal Introduction Society has already experienced the utopia of establishing a unifying language of the people, with everybody reading from the same page. The dream of collective cooperation appeared to be close to realization with the arrival of the internet, reducing distances and […]

Selfishness, intolerance, mistrust, a desire to benefit at the expense of others – in short, generalized ignorance – creates the conditions that promote the eruption of violence. In this regard, countless families are in a state of disintegration, veiled animosity, open fights, physical violence, insults, provocations, and psychological and physical abuse. Emotional learning, the development […]

The World Health Organization presents the issue of violence as the main problem of public health in the world. It provides in its reports very important information to understand the reality of violence on the planet. It highlights the information, obtained through the systematic research in several countries, that pockets of material poverty favor the […]

Violence is ever present now in our daily life. There are people injuring, killing, stealing, and inflicting pain and suffering on others. It is necessary to intervene in order to inhibit and to isolate the violent agent and to prevent the destructive action from expanding. Therefore, repression is legitimate when performed within the legal parameters […]

For a better comprehension of this psychological phenomenon of the imbalance between satisfactions and frustrations, we can imagine a possible story in the human condition and also found in every social group. A young person with a personal, family, and socially difficult background, of physical and psychological pain and suffering, becomes pregnant. Due to her […]

This is a question that asks for more reflection and comprehension: where does violence in humans come from? It is opportune, a priori, to understand better the concept of violence. The World Health Organization defines it as: “the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a […]

The development of the social emotional skills is the safe response to confront the challenge of conquering the subjective well-being. There are children, young persons, and adults, who are unable to concentrate in the learning processes in schools or in their everyday lives. They are impregnated with uncomfortable emotions such as anger, jealousy, fear, guilt, […]

When looking at the past, scientists, historians, and philosophers ascertain that the human condition has included substantial pain. Significant suffering in the past was as a result of the basic aspects for survival, particularly hunger, plagues, and wars. In ancient times, in the Middle Ages, and even until fairly recently, hunger has been a great […]

There is a reality of general frustration due to the lack of comprehension of the most profound and important meanings of our existence. We do not know the path of subjective well-being. Without this comprehension, we step back, we hide, and we dive into mere erudition and technique. Disappointed, and sometimes pessimistic and bitter, we […]

In the light of the inexorable technological revolution, the algorithms, and the artificial intelligence, the machines and the robots will be faster and more accurate than humans. Although alarming, we have to admit that most of the manual and repetitive work will be replaced by super intelligent machines. Faced with this reality, the emphasis given […]

In order to understand the challenges of the education of the future, it is necessary to consider the complexity of the present moment and to highlight the pressures of the changes never seen by humans. We are experiencing unprecedented revolutions. The speed of change is so great that today we do not know how the […]

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