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our purpose

Socio-emotional underdevelopment, one of the great problems of humanity, prevents the expansion of consciousness, the acceptance of diversity, justice, the reduction of violence, the improvement of the quality of life and world peace. There will be no healthy future without the development of social and emotional skills.


Courage and persistence underpin the purpose of 50-50 SEL Solutions. We believe that by 2050 more than 50% of the world’s population will have access to socio-emotional development resources. This is our reason for existence.

Digital technology has transformed the form and speed of communication. It became easier and possible to reach the whole world. 50-50 SEL Solutions develops digital solutions with scientifically-based content presented in multiple languages. This allows you to turn your purpose into reality.

The learning processes have a superior performance when they aggregate the fundamentals of Socio-emotional Education, promoting the improvement in their indexes and reducing violent behaviors.

UNESCO: Socio-emotional education is the most important variable for students to learn more and better.

A survey conducted with 54,000 students participating in a program
of social-emotional education in 14 Latin American countries concluded that:

Language performance improved by


Math performance improved in

Source: Research conducted by UNESCO and directed by Chilean sociologist Juan Casassus.
Richard D. Roberts,

Ph.D. in philosophy and psychology, states that the probability of a student who has received social-emotional education becoming involved in crime decreases considerably. Likewise, school performance improves and dropout rates fall.

Mark Greenberg,

psychologist and professor of human development, states that the student’s success in school is built on the development of a favorable emotional climate at school, where there is cooperation and friendly relationships.

Mark Bracket,

psychologist, researcher, and founder of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence is an important reference for 50-50 SEL Solutions. In his book, Permission to Feel, he presents significant reflections on the difficulties families have in dealing with emotional issues. Mark Bracket presents an innovative approach in the field of social-emotional education for understanding and dealing with frightened, angry, hopeless children and young people in the face of parents who ignore the importance of emotions.


Intelligence and sensibility of many thinkers sustain the scientific-theoretical basis of our contents.