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13.04.2023 | Articles

What's behind the attacks on schools?

In the face of tragedies like these, fear and nervousness can impair our understanding and impoverish our responses. At first glance, superficial ...
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09.03.2023 | Articles

How is the mental health of the workers?

Most adults spend more time working, or looking for work, than anything else. Even so, many of them have a neutral relationship, that is, neither ...
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27.01.2023 | Articles

Whirlwind of Emotions

The end of the year is a time that can mobilize all kinds of emotions. Some feel satisfied and happy about the past year and the accomplishments they ...
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23.12.2022 | Articles

Christmas Present

It is a nice tradition at the end of the year to exchange gifts among people. Under the Christmas trees sprout luminous packages, and, for those who ...
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19.12.2022 | Articles

Cultures and celebration

That sports competitions stir the hearts of many people everyone already knows. But this is especially true in international competitions, as in the ...
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05.12.2022 | Articles

From Greek hybris to contemporary corruption

In one of his poems, Manoel de Barros writes that, if a word is repeated so much, it loses its meaning. Keeping the proportions, this “poetic ...
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23.11.2022 | Articles

What does the epidemic of anxiety in children want to tell us about education and society?

How many health tests does the child normally undergo? Already in the womb, sophisticated tests can determine if she is a carrier of any genetic ...
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09.11.2022 | Articles

Reflections on crises: for a crisis

Those who look at the world realize that we are living in times of instability and unpredictability. Moreover, the old strategies of control, of ...
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24.10.2022 | Articles

Polarization: understanding does not mean agreeing

In the United States of the 1980s, there were many conflicts surrounding the abortion debates. The tension was such that clinics that provided ...
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